Upcoming Gang Bang: 'Police Prowlers' at Staxus Upcoming Gang Bang: 'Police Prowlers' at Staxus

Brand new gang bang scenes coming in September

Group sex lovers are about to get a great treat from Staxus, when a gang bang series is released in September entitled Police Prowlers. The scenes will be released with scene 1 on September 1st and September 5th; and scene 2 on September 13th and September 18th. It promises to be an awesome frenzy of twink cocks and a couple of very lucky, greedy bottom boys.

Scene 1 has a cast of Milan Sharp, Dick Casey, Sam Williams, Florian Mraz, and Joel Vargas. Scene 2 has Yuri Adamov, Ray Mannix, Nick Vargas, Troy Vara, Benjamin Dunn, and of course, Noah Matous. We will bring you more details and previews as the scenes are released throughout September.

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