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European porn site Staxus features mainly uncut twinks, studs, and jocks from across the continent, although these days they heavily feature Czech guys, but you'll find plenty of Brits and some Russians, Slovaks, Spaniards, and Germans in the mix. They're generally slender with smooth bodies, often innocent looking with a few studious types here and there. Some are well-built, almost muscular, the typical athletic type found in many college locker rooms. Others look like rebels or bad boys sporting alternative hair styles, some ink or even the odd piercing with a haughty devil-may-care look and attitude. But no matter their persona, they're all eager to seek out like-minded studs for horny, unrestrained sex.

Solo jerk-offs are a very minimal part of the Staxus collection, which relies on hardcore action. Duos, threesomes, four-ways and more is what you get, with a record number of double penetration scenes. Oral sex is merely a prelude to the generally condom-free fucking that these twinks and jocks engage in. (New releases are all bareback, but older ones are a mix.) And these horny lads will fuck anywhere from living rooms and bedrooms to gym locker rooms and from outdoor in the garden to an army barracks, I even saw a couple of scenes filmed in warehouses and on moving trains.

Staxus has several recurring themes or scenarios that are favorites. One video features two Czech army studs sneaking off to the forest for some horny alone time, another has two soccer buddies doing it in the locker room and they don't even take the time to remove their knee-high socks and cleats, a third has underwear models ditching their briefs so they can blow each other, and a fourth sees a couple of dark-haired wrestlers oiling up and rolling around before fucking on the floor. At least once a month there's some threeway action, although in May there were four threesome videos and one fiveway. And a couple of times a year, Staxus flies in a pair of donkey-dicked Dominican studs for a filming spree, so you'll find quite a lot of interracial scenes with bottoms trying to sit on 11 or 12 inch cocks.

Staxus is huge, offering over 2,304 DRM-free videos generally running 20 minutes or longer, and the site updates three times each week, mostly new scenes with an occasional remastered classic. The videos stream at a size of 854x480, but while the new videos enlarge to full screen well, the older ones stream at average quality and might benefit from a smaller player. The videos are mobile compatible, a plus for those on the go. As well, there are some behind-the-scenes and other bonus videos. While not all members get downloads, some do - more about downloads shortly.

While videos are the focus of the site, fans of photographs will be happy to know that the episodes also come with pictures. Big ones. These are digital stills, and they're good amateur quality or better. Members can view the pics in galleries, enjoy as hands-free slideshows, and can download pictures from each scene in a zip file.

Staxus allows you to free-form search for performers, but there's also a model section where you can find your favorites with their videography and a profile detailing their age, nationality, cock size, and some of their interests. There's an extensive category section too where you'll find every kind of sexual activity imaginable from ball sucking to double penetration, but you'll also find things like blond hair, firemen, footballer, or hairy, and lots more categories to help you find exactly what you like. I enjoy reading the comments from other members on each of the episode pages and you can rate the videos as well. I also like being able to favorite special scenes to come back to later.

Now let's talk about downloads. For a while, downloads were a thing of the past; only those with memberships recurring from before October of 2015 got 'em. Now the quarterly membership and the more expensive of the two yearly memberships includes downloads. And for those who prefer to stream, they can get the cheaper monthly or yearly membership and save some money. Disappointingly there is no longer a monthly membership that includes downloads. 

I did run into a few minor issues. While the site is responsive, I do wish they would make it easier to get to the older scenes; currently you can only navigate back (or forward) three pages at a time. I was disappointed that some of the oldest videos didn't look too good when streamed due to the smaller size of the video being stretched to fit the larger size of the player. The DVD and CHAT links in the menu lead offsite. And finally, there is a hard-to-spot pre-checked email list sign-up on the join page, so if you don't want to receive emails, uncheck it.

Staxus offers a variety of sensual twinks, jocks, and Euro boys in action from blowjobs to barebacking and from locker room sex to kinkier play, plus everything in between. The site now offers 2,304 videos featuring more than 500 sexy European performers, some exclusive to Staxus. The videos can be streamed on your computer, tablet or mobile, generally playing for about twenty or more minutes, and the quarterly members plus one of the yearly memberships also include downloads for the vids. And good news is that the site still adds three new videos per week, so there's always something new to see. Staxus is definitely worth a visit for fans of European twinks, uncut cocks and hardcore sex.

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