Tyler White Fucks Romeo James Bareback Tyler White Fucks Romeo James Bareback

Tyler White isn't very big physically, but he's totally straight and has that 'bad boy' image thing going on, which is very sexy. Today Broke Straight Boys have paired him up with the equally straight and sexy Romeo James ... and both lads are broke, horny and ready for some man-on-man action!

The guys get undressed quickly, stand side-by-side to show off their sexy bodies and then almost immediately Romeo moves in for a kiss. Both guys are blessed with big, dangly balls and we can also see both already have rock-hard cocks which are touching and sparring against each other like steel swords ... but not for long, as Tyler is quick to drop to his knees to take Romeo's cock into his mouth and start sucking on it. Not to be out-done, Romeo then goes down on Tyler's cock too, deep-throating it, making sure it's nice and hard and wet ... getting it ready for the main event! With Tyler still moaning softly from his oral ministrations, Romeo climbs on top of him and sits himself right down on his boner ... bareback! It's quite a sight ... seeing his hairy straight manhole getting fucked by another guys dick in a great variety of positions ... until Romeo can't take it anymore! He grabs hold of his own cock and plays with it until it spews out his cum load, and all the while Tyler's cock is still buried deeply ... pounding his hole. Not long after tho, it's Tyler's turn to cum and he pulls out of Romeo and strokes out his own sticky load all over Romeo's belly ... very hot fuck guys!

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