Two Slaves for One Master Two Slaves for One Master

House dom Jeremy Stevens is doing a training session with Dungeon Master Van Darkholme over at Bound Gods and they have two slaves with their hands tied above their heads and ready for training. Jason Miller and Alessio Romero have their slave number written on their arms with a black marker and the session begins.

One of the things that really turned me on about this training session was the use of electric wands. I've never played with these before, but they seem kind of interesting. Jeremy uses a violet wand on Jason's and Alessio's cocks and balls. And he even shoves the wand inside Jason Miller's (slave 619) hole and makes the slave dance and squirm. "Let me know when you've had enough, slave!" Jeremy bellows. And it's not long before Jason is screaming, "I've had enough pleasure, Sir!" I kind of chuckled at that one.

The slaves endure an intense flogging and whipping session. Suspended in the air together, the slaves get their asses fucked. Then their master releases them and challenges them to a race to cum: the first slave to shoot his cum load get his master's hot load on their face. Who's the winner? You'll have to go see.

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