Top #Selfies of the Week: Muscle Sleaze Top #Selfies of the Week: Muscle Sleaze

Big muscles or small, smooth or hairy, public restroom or private, horny guys are there and snapping away. They want to see their muscles and cocks on film. And they want to post the fuck out of themselves online. To this I say, let me get some glass cleaner and make sure those mirrors are crystal clear. Because I've got some jerking off to do!

Though (bottom right pic), some real life grime can be hot too. Where is that naked muscle dude, anyhow? The toilet in the little room through the private door in the back of the janitor's closet under a trapdoor covered by four feet of nudie magazines? That beefy, kinda scary stud would have to take several showers to get below the layers of sleaze and filth to the fine citizen below. Or one long tongue bath.

At some point, the percent of guys with naked pics online will be bigger than the percent without. Do your part in the battle for exhibitionism and voyeurism. Jerk off to a selfie today! And snap of pic of yourself doing it. Soon the only people who haven't posted nude selfies online will have a last name that rhyme with Zosmond.

The gym mirror selfie snapper may be the boldest (unless he's at 24 Hour Fitness at 2:47 a.m. when his greatest risk is another pervert seeing him). From the set above, I'm partial to the curved dick dude. I want to gag on it. Or play that card game Hearts with him. One of those two things.

Can a masked muscle guy be shamelessly sleazy? Yeah, when the mask is about as good a disguise as Clark Kent's glasses. Watch the poorly disguised and richly muscled Campo jerk and squirt!

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