Top #Selfies of the Week: Broad Shoulder Buds Top #Selfies of the Week: Broad Shoulder Buds

Cat's whiskers are wider than their heads to make sure the cat can tell if it can fit through some hole or not. Guy's shoulders are wider than their heads for the exact same reason.

It's just your friendly neighborhood bottom checking out the guy's shoulders to see if they meet hole access qualification or not. A quick yet important calculation for a guy who wants to feel enveloped and held and cocooned and connected.

Ironically, the wider the shoulders the more holes the guy may qualify for. Life is full of tests. And the tests never end. Thankfully, checking out a shirtless guy has its own rewards, hookup or not.

From a first date to a first penetration, guys are constantly asking themselves is this a fit? Is he offering what I want? Am I offering what he wants? And while a no may seem to be the end of it, the more nos you get the closer you are to a yes. Then to a fuck yes.

So keep trying. And be honest with yourself what your actual desires and needs are. That includes what you need to give and what you need to get. We get it. We dig guys (or guys or girls or guys and girls and every other gender), but that is so general. It's like when straight guys think every gay guy is lusting after them. Not even true for David Beckham anymore. Well maybe the desire to see or touch or other experience David Beckham's sweaty underwear would reach near unanimous levels.

I volunteer to perform the scientific tests on male celebrity underwear. I have a degree in Men's Underwear Studies from SUNY Binghamton. Trust.

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