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You're watching a movie and some actor's cock flashes across the screen as he gets out of bed; you rewind and watch again, sometimes going frame by frame to catch the good bits. We've all done it. But Mr. Man puts all the "good stuff" in one place, giving you heaps of nude and semi nude photos and clips featuring your favorite movie stars, celebrities and television actors. Mr. Man fast forwards you to the good parts, as they say. There are sexy and nude clips from movies like "Captain Fantastic", "Westworld" and "Magic Mike", not to mention new television shows like "Quantico", "How to Get Away With Murder", "Divorce" and "Timeless", along with many old favorites.

Mr. Man is packed with celebs including their highest rated guys including Viggo Mortensen, Antonio Banderas, Ewan McGregor, Shia LaBeouf, Channing Tatum, Tom Hardy and Jude Law. All in all, there are 5,777 stars listed on the site. And don't worry, as you'll also find oldies but goodies like Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Jack Nicholson, Patrick Stewart and Sean Connery. We know Robert De Niro has a potty mouth, but have you ever wanted to see his cock? Well, now you can.

Unlike most nude celebrity sites, Mr. Man is very well organized, and I suspect most members appreciate that as much as I do. There are 6,201 releases in the Updates section and clicking each clip's thumbnail takes you to a details page showing you who's in it, what movie or TV show it's from, along with other information about the production like director's name and country of origin, along with a description. It also shows you how many pics and clips were featured in each update. In a release of "Captain Fantastic" there are five pics of Viggo Mortensen's cock and one video clip; in the "Westworld" release there are multiple galleries and clips for the movie's major stars and two of them, Louis Herthum and James Marsden, are showing off their naked butts.

It's hard to give an exact number of videos on the site because of the way it's organized. As I mentioned, there are 6,201 updates, but each contains multiple pics and video clips. Under Movies & TV found in the Browse dropdown menu there are 3,536 movies and 771 TV shows, but again, each listing will contain numerous pics and videos. Finally, Under Pics & Clips in the dropdown menu, it shows 49,387 pictures and 13,653 clips comprised of 10,637 HD clips and 3,016 non-HD clips. There are also 90 Original Videos, which are trailers created by Mr. Man detailing what they released on specific dates. So any way you look it, there's a lot to see here.

Mr. Man updates daily with multiple updates, which are really movie or TV show titles and each contains pics and video clips from that production. And not only do they add the most recent shows and movies, but lots of older stuff, too. The videos are clips from actual movies and TV shows running from a few seconds to around a minute or two, giving you the "good parts." The clips are MP4s shown in a streaming player at 1044x588, although the actual size of the video within it varies, and there are as many as three speeds offered from HD to low, the lower good for most mobiles. You can also download them and the HD vids sized at 1280x720 and the non-HD at 640x360. Quality varies for reasons including age of the original movie and scene lighting.

There are 49,387 pictures on the site, which is almost double what they had more than a year and a half ago. They're large screencaps and are viewed in a letterbox-style screening area that's 1038x460 in size. The pictures may or may not fit the whole area and there are forward and back controls. You can also click "full screen" to see a larger version of the picture. And if you want to save them you can do so individually by right-clicking the picture or clicking the "download," either of which will give you a full-sized image. There are no zip files.

The site has a variety of features worth mentioning. There are the Mr. Man Playlists, which allow you to view multiple clips in playlists with titles like Men in Skirts, Game of Bones, Athletes Exposed, Openly Gay Actors and Chiseled Chests. But two of my favorites are Fellas with Foreskin (24 scenes) and Middle Eastern Man Meat (19 scenes). Each of these has a well-written and sexy description that includes the names of the actors in the videos. There's a blog that updates many times a week and it's definitely hot and worth reading. Tucked away on the top-right of the navbar are two other items: Bonus Porn, which gives you a number of 65 free clips from gay porn sites along with an encouragement to join them, and Bonus XXX, that takes you offsite to the Mr Man XXX theater, which is really a white label NakedSword theater where you can watch free previews, but you'll need to join it to enjoy it fully.

There are a few of issues here. First, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will commit you to a second site membership if you leave it ticked, but it's easy enough to opt out. Second, aside from those two bonus porn links I just mentioned, there are a couple of navigation entries (Specials and Live Cams) that promote things not included in your membership, but this is pretty standard stuff on gay porn sites. And last, you may run into a pop-up on the tour, but it's easy enough to close.

Mr. Man impressed me. I have reviewed many celebrity sites in the past, and I've found them largely disappointing with small, poor-quality videos or navigation that was confusing. But Mr. Man's navigation helps you find what you're looking for, and their large-sized videos give you what you've come here to see - naked celebs and their private bits. And their robust update schedule gives members new stuff to look at every day. Not every video contains full frontal nudity or cocks and asses, some scenes feature actors shirtless or walking around in their underwear or wrapped in a towel, but it's all pretty titillating stuff. When it comes to nude celeb sites, this one's a winner.

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