Tony Orion & Aleks Buldocek Break Up Tony Orion & Aleks Buldocek Break Up

It's a porn producers worst nightmare: spend months developing a project around real-life couples, shoot their steamy love making scenes, then two weeks before the DVD release, one of the couples breaks up. By the time Naked Sword debuted Boyrfriends 2 on February 20, lovers Tony Orion and Aleks Buldocek had already announced their break-up on Twitter. But did it really matter? Raging Stallion had already scooped their brother studio when they released a passionate Orion-Buldocek scene at the end of 2013.

"We are following different ways," Tony Orion tweeted to gay porn blogger Men of Porn on Feburary 11, 2014. "I'm moving to NYC and he [Aleks Buldocek] is staying in Chicago with his Daddy Paul [Steele]."

Tony Orion and Aleks Buldocek burst onto the gay porn scene seemingly out of nowhere, then suddenly they were popping up everywhere including Titan Men and Raging Stallion. The pair had the world twirling on a stick landing filming gigs with two of the biggest studios in gay porn.

It turned out that the pair weren't just lovers, but they were involved in a truple with Paul Steele, who had also just filmed a couple of scenes with Titan Men. But a few weeks before the split, Tony Orion tweeted that he and Aleks Buldocek were leaving Daddy Paul in Chicago and moving to New York City to pursue their new-found porn careers. But by February everything changed and Orion was flying solo and Buldocek was back in the Windy City. Are you keeping up?

Breaking up is hard enough without playing it out on Twitter, although I have to say that as far as I know Orion and Buldocek have been perfect gentlemen and haven't engaged in cray cray Twitter meltdowns. Remember Tate Ryder's and Trenton Ducati's divorce and all those nasty tweets back and forth?

And while Orion and Buldocek are moving on, scenes they had filmed together continue to roll out. Titan Men released the couple in a puppy play scene on the very day Orion confirmed the break-up with Men of Porn. Wow! Could it get any worse?

I don't know if the Titan Men scene is the couple's final scene together, but this one is kinky and it's worth checking out. (Click here to see free preview of this scene.) Alpha dog Buldocek lets puppy Orion out of his cage to play. Wearing dog masks and puppy tails wagging out of their butt holes, they sniff each other's butts. Then puppy chows down on the alpha's bone and Orion whimpers as he gets fucked ... you guessed it ... doggy style. With Aleks pounding the hell out of Orion, the two get into a rousing round of barking before spraying each other with cum. I kid you not.

Where do Tony Orion and Aleks Buldocek go from here? Who knows? But if the first six months of their careers are any indication, it ain't going to be dull.

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