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Naked Sword has been around since 1997 offering thousands of DVD scenes from big name gay porn studios like Bel Ami, Falcon, Raging Stallion and Treasure Island, as well as lesser-known studios like Ricky Raunch and Street Trade and movies from porn sites like Gay Hoopla and Corbin Fisher. All total, Naked Sword offers videos from 189 different studios, which is 69 more than a year ago. These days they're calling themselves the "Netflix of Gay Porn," which is essentially true since they not only feature thousands of videos, but they produce their own exclusive scenes, too. They just completely overhauled their site, so let's check it out.

Naked Sword offers pretty much every type of guy you could imagine. You'll find all the standards including amateurs, Asians, black guys, bears, daddies, college-aged guys and jocks, Latinos and twinks. But since their content comes from 189 different studios from around the world, you'll find all sorts of men with cocks from small to super sized, cut and uncut.

If you can dream it you'll probably find it here - everything from guys jacking off to multi-man gangbangs, from vanilla sex to kinky play with whips and chains. Some guys just want to suck dick, others like getting fucked the old fashioned way or with dildos in all shapes and sizes. The guys fuck with condoms or bareback and you'll find a nice selection of fetish sex, piss play, fisting and extreme ass play. And you can watch men fucking at home, in hotels, in bars and sex clubs, in dirty dungeons and playrooms, outdoors - again, pretty much whatever you fancy.

There are Studio and Themes sections on the navigation bar that help you explore the content. Each Studio page lists all each producer's content and you can sort vids by release date, scene duration, title or select "trending" to see what videos are becoming popular with members. If you're looking for a particular kind of guy or action, then check out the Themes section where you'll find categories like uniforms, voyeur, boyfriends, interracial, gangbang, wrestling - there are 78 total. But there's also a sub-section of sex acts featuring dozens of things like blowjobs, ass to mouth, self fucking and stripping, along with dozens of others - again, pretty much anything can imagine, and a few that might surprise you.

And don't forget to check out the Stars section where you'll find pages of Pornland's hunks and all of their videos offered on Naked Sword. You'll not only find featured stars like Colton Grey, Trenton Ducati, Brian Bonds, Dairus Ferdynand and Kayden Gray, but porn stars from yesteryear including Jack Wrangler and Lee Ryder - there are 25,000 all arranged alphabetically or you can search your favorites by name.

You'll also find the Just Added and Trending sections helpful. Tucked away in the top right corner of the site is My Account, where you manage your membership, check your viewing history, and find your bookmarked favorite movies, and if you need to contact Naked Sword for any reason, you can do that here, as well.

Naked Sword has overhauled their whole system and I have to say that I'm impressed. When you select a video a viewer pops up and it defaults to 850x480. The video auto plays, and if you mouse over the player a number of options appear. This is where you can pause the video, adjust the volume or mute it, pick a different speed (there are usually six of them); you can get stats info like bitrates and screen sizes, and you can select the full-screen option. When you mouse off the player, the options disappear. The player seems to default to the highest speed, or it did for me, so the full-screen option produced quite good results, but of course full screen results are going to depend on the age of the video and bitrate you choose.

Not all the videos will come in at the same sizes. For instance, I watch a Bijou Classics video from the '70s that only played at 640x480 and was available in four speeds instead of six. But given the age of the video, it fared quite well enlarged to full-screen.

On each DVDs page, you'll find a description, the director, stars, studio and theme tags, and all of these are clickable so you can find more of what you like. As well, at the bottom of the page you'll find a More Like This section.

While Naked Sword is well organized and offers you all kinds of ways to find the content you like, they don't make it easy for a reviewer to count DVDs or scenes. However I did count them, and if I got it right, there are 4,974 DVDs. Their tour says they have more than 20,000 scenes and that would put it at four scenes per DVD, which sounds about right. During our last review a little over a year ago, they listed 3,900 DVDs with 17,343 scenes, so this new scene estimate sounds reasonable.

Naked Sword also produces their own line of movies under the NS Original label, and I'm a fan. These are directed by Mr. Pam and star performers like Trenton Ducati, Colton Grey, Adam Ramzi, Boomer Banks, Mickey Taylor, Kayden Gray, Ryan Rose, Darius Ferdynand and Vadim Black, to name a few. And they have a second label called Naked Sword Film Works, which features independent film makers, and these are often more art house than porn, but they're not shy on nudity and sex.

Naked Sword still offers a monthly membership that gives you unlimited streaming, however they still have a VOD link on their navbar in the member area that leads to an AEBN video-on-demand theater, which not only features much of the same content as you'll find on Naked Sword, but asks you to spend more money to watch it. I admit that I can't see the point of even linking to it.

Are there any drawbacks? None of the content is dated, so I have no idea how often the site updates, but last year they were adding eight new scenes daily and they're tour says "growing daily". I have no reason to believe that's changed due to the site's recent growth, but I can't confirm it. When joining be aware of the pre-checked offer on their billing page that signs you up for a second membership. The Tim and Roma show used to feature prominently on the old Naked Sword site, but I couldn't find those this time around.

One picky thing I didn't care for was that each DVD scene is listed as a separate release, so in the Just Added section if a DVD has five scenes you'll have to scroll through all of them. This is repetitious, but at the same time, a particular scene might catch your eye where the DVD cover might not, so there are pluses and minuses.

Naked Sword is one of the biggest gay porn sites out there with a massive collection of DVDs featuring over 25,000 performers. The site is constantly updating so you can't run out of videos to watch, and they certainly live up to "Netflix of Gay Porn" moniker. I'm impressed with Naked Sword's overhaul and redesign; they present the content in a fresh way while maintaining the features they had previously. With 189 studios, all kinds of action and some top-notch content of their own, Naked Sword is better than ever, and it's definitely worth checking out.

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