TitanMen's Wet Scene 3

His hairy, muscled body getting wet, Tom Wolfe shows off in the shower as lover Will Swagger, shaving in front of the mirror, stares - his own boner propped over the sink in TitanMen's latest release Wet. Will, smiling, soon joins Tom in the shower. Tom strokes their cocks, as the two rub each others bodies under the hot water. On his knees, Tom feasts on Will's thick meat, water streaming down on him as he spits on his lover's hard dick. Tom snaps up his own boner as he sucks, a hot sound filling the bathroom as his rocket repeatedly smacks against his stomach. A stream of spit slides down Will's sac, Tom standing up for a kiss. Will sucks the stud back, his salt-and-pepper beard getting fucked as two strands of spit cling to Tom's hairy balls. Will looks up with his watery eyes as he sucks, his own beast pulsing as he deep throats Tom's meaty cock. Will gets plowed from behind, steadying himself against the wall as his boner bounces with each fast thrust. He gasps for breath, stroking himself to the brink and unleashing a hands-free load - Tom fucking him some more before dumping a wad on his back.

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