Three Straight Hotties Wrestle and Then Jerk Off Together Three Straight Hotties Wrestle and Then Jerk Off Together

Gay Hoopla hunks Colt McLaire, Tyler Hanson and Daniel Carter dress up in some tight-fitting wrestling singlets and have some fun wrestling each other. They then tell some horny stories about women they'd liked to have fucked in their youth - which gives them all hard-on's - and then they each take their own cock in hand and beat out a load - side-by-side, all together!

These guys are all super-fit, trim and in amazing condition - ripped and muscular - not an ounce of fat on any of them. They look great dressed in their wrestling singlets, showing off their bulging muscles - and other "bulges" too! The guys then have a bit of a wrestle, showing off some of the moves they learned back in High School. Reminiscing about these times makes them each remember a sexy teacher they'd have liked to have fucked - given the right opportunity! But, naturally, it was just a teenager's crush on an older woman - never going to get their dicks wet there! But, they all ended up with rock-hard cocks in their singlets and agreed they all needed to get off - and what better than a group jerk - so that's what they did!

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