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Back when we reviewed Gay Hoopla in January 2014, the site was just getting off the ground. Site owner Landon and a couple of other guys were working for another site, but left to start this venture. Since then, they've been offering members nearly daily live cam shows and they have added proper suck and fuck videos as well. There's been a lot of growth at Gay Hoopla, so let's get inside and have a look.

The performers are handsome, all-American jocks in their twenties and some maybe in their early thirties. Many of them are straight guys, often with athletic and chiseled bodies, although some are a bit more beefy. Of the 113 performers, there are a couple of Latino guys, one Asian stud, and two black or mixed-race guys; the rest of the crew are white males. There are blonds and brunettes, some of them have body hair while others are smooth, and while most are clean shaven, I did see some with facial hair. The guys seem to have a great time talking with members on live chat, not to mention teasing them with strip shows or dancing, showing off their cocks and getting off.

Most of the guys are amateurs, new to porn, or trying to make a name for themselves. There were a handful who I recognized as professional performers - Cameron Foster, Logan Vaughn and Rob Ryder - but most are new faces. However, some of these guys end up doing a lot of appearances and become mini Gay Hoopla pornstars: Cole Money has 77 videos, Chance Cruise has 40, Dmitry Dickov has 74, and my favorite Max Summerfield has 39 videos, but many guys do one video and never return.

Gay Hoopla has three types of videos: solo jerk-offs, suck and fuck action and live cam shows. Let's start with these latter ones. The site offers live cam shows every weeknight at 7 p.m. PST, and there's a posted schedule. These are built-in group chats that allow members to interact with the performer as well as other members. The guys chat with the members and answer questions, they show off their bodies, talk about what's going on in their lives, sometimes they shower or show us their workout routines, and most shows end with a jack-off session. And don't worry if you miss a show as they're recorded and available in the archives.

Aside from the cam shows, there are jack-off videos, which are usually a new guy's introduction to the site, but not always. And since our last review two years ago, Gay Hoopla has added full-on hardcore sessions with the guys sucking and fucking in the bedroom, on the couch or sometimes in an outdoor shower or maybe on the stairs or in the kitchen.

Gay Hoopla now has 1,177 video; 96 of these are hardcore action, around 53 are masturbation sessions, and the rest are recorded cam show videos. The videos are offered as downloadable MP4s and come in a few different sizes: action videos range from 854x480 to 1280x720 depending on the scene's age, and the cam shows come in at around 800x450. They're good amateur quality, and I was impressed at how well the newest videos fare in full-screen mode. Sometimes the guys film themselves with hand-held cameras or computer cams, so you can expect some lighting issues or camera jostling. On the plus side, the sound is surprisingly clear. All of the videos can be streamed, playing at 660x370.

Since our last review Gay Hoopla has added some picture galleries. These appear on the "new model feature" video pages, which are the jack-off scenes, and the "hardcore fuck" scenes, but not all scenes have galleries as the site didn't go back and add them to older scenes and a few of the newest scenes just don't offer them. There are 15 to 20 digital stills per set and they look good, sized at 800x1200. You can save pictures individually, but there are no slideshows or zip downloads.

When it comes to updates, Gay Hoopla is a busy site. Every week they add five recorded live shows to the members area, and they generally add a hardcore and solo video every week. Sometimes there isn't a new guy available for the "new model feature" in which case they just film one of the regulars jerking off, but some weeks they skip the solo, which still leaves six updates for those weeks. In January 2016 there were 27 new videos added, and that's pretty damned good.

The biggest issue at Gay Hoopla is the pre-checked offer on the billing page that signs you up for another recurring site membership if you leave it checked, but if it doesn't interest you it's easy to uncheck the offer. The site added model pages with a brief description and height, weight and cock stats, but not all performers have these completed, although they do have links to their scenes on the site.

There is a tip feature that allows members to send tips to the performer doing a live cam session and these can range from $5 to $100 dollars. It's a little in your face, but it's also easy enough to ignore.

Gay Hoopla offers hot jocks showing off on live cam and rubbing out hot loads in weekday live shows that are recorded and added to the members archive. As well, you'll get solo jerk-off and hardcore sex videos. The guys are good looking, personable, and well-built with six-pack abs, chiseled pecs, and great asses. With 1,177 videos and six or seven weekly updates, there's a lot to see here and the site is always growing. I liked watching the athletic guys doing their thing on live cam, stroking their cocks and sometimes playing with their asses. Gay Hoopla's almost daily updates and weeknight live shows make this site a great value for members.

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