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When Gay Hoopla launched in January 2014, site owner Landon and a couple of other guys had been working for another site, but left to start this venture. Since then, the site has gone through some major changes including a slick, modern design, and moving from what was primarily recorded solo live cam shows to studio suck and fuck videos, as well as some solo stroking sessions. There's a lot to talk about, and they've recently added a new feature, so let's take a look.

The performers are handsome, all-American jocks in their twenties and maybe a couple in their early thirties. Many of them are straight, often with athletic and chiseled bodies, although there are some bodybuilders and muscle hunks as well. Of the 202 performers, there are a few Latin guys, one Asian stud, and a few black or mixed-race guys; the rest of the crew are white males. Some of the performers have hairy chests or unshaven pubes while others are smooth, and while most are clean shaven, I did see some with face scruff or beards.

Most of the guys are amateurs, new to porn, or trying to make a name for themselves. There were a handful who I recognized as professional performers - Cameron Foster, Logan Vaughn, Sean Holmes, and Rob Ryder - but most are new faces. However, some of these guys end up doing a lot of appearances for the site, and they become mini Gay Hoopla porn stars: Jason Keys has 83 videos, Cole Money has 71 videos, Chance Cruise has 36, Dmitry Dickov has 59, and my favorite, Max Summerfield, has 46 videos, but many guys do one video and never return.

Gay Hoopla has four types of videos: solo jerk-offs, suck and fuck action, live cam shows, and the new Secret Menu videos, and we'll go into these later. The newest videos are primarily studio-shot, hardcore action featuring well-built jocks and muscle men in duos and the occasional threesome in hot, sweaty sessions in the bedroom, on the couch, or sometimes in an outdoor shower, or maybe on the stairs or in the kitchen. Expect plenty of blowjobs and guys getting pounded from the front and the rear, as well as some cock riding and rimjobs. The solos are more than just jerk-offs as the guys talk to the camera man a bit, and some fuck the couch or grind their rigid dicks against the bed, or do a little ass play.

And there are the videos that put this site on the map - the recorded live cam shows. The site used to offer a live cam show every night, most from 50 minutes to over an hour and a half. These were group chats that allowed members to interact with the performer as well as other members. The performers chatted with the members and answered questions, they showed off their bodies, talked about what's going on in their lives, sometimes they showered or showed us their workout routines, did strip teases or danced, and most shows end with a jack-off session and a cumshot. The site has discontinued the live shows, but you can still enjoy the live shows that were shot from 2013 and 2015. They're intimate, and some are really hot.

Gay Hoopla now has 1,360 exclusive videos. They're downloadable, DRM-free MP4s, the newest offered at good quality in full HD at 1920x1080 plus four smaller sizes; vids that aren't quite so new are sized at 1280x720 at good amateur quality or better with a couple smaller sizes and the oldest are 800x450 plus one smaller size at average to good amateur quality. All of the videos can be streamed 925x522, and all have sizes for mobiles. The newest videos fare well when enlarged to full screen, although the oldest don't hold up as well. Sometimes the guys film themselves with handheld cameras or computer cams, so you can expect some lighting issues or camera jostling.

What's new here is their "Secret Menu," a collection of currently nine videos that aren't previewed with any images on the tour or in the members area. To see what's in one of the Secret Menu videos, members have to play it; there's no scene descriptions except for detailed titles, no preview thumbs and no galleries. The videos themselves are streaming MP4s sized at 800x450, and while quality is decent, the lighting isn't perfect but it's okay. These are all duos; all of them feature oral action, just over half include well-captured fucking, and one of the blowjob sessions is a behind-the-scenes vid, as well. The site doesn't mention whether the Secret Menu videos will be updating.

Gay Hoopla also offers around 250 picture sets. These can be found on some of the model pages as well as on the pages for both the fucking sessions and the "new model solo" episodes, but the older live cam sessions don't include galleries. There are 15 to 21 (or maybe a couple more) good amateur quality digital stills per set, and they're sized at 800x1200. You can save pictures individually, but there are no slideshows or zip downloads.

When it comes to updates, the site is currently adding three to four videos each week. They're no longer added on the same days each week, and sometimes two videos will be added on the same day. There were 15 videos added last month (March 2019) including three interviews, seven solos and five hardcore scenes.

The biggest issue is the pre-checked offer on the billing page for one of the processors; that sign you up for a second recurring site memberships if left checked, but it's easy to uncheck. There's a pop-over that appears on the tour, but it stays on the bottom of the pages, and is easy to close. Four of the oldest videos are missing; they're easy to spot as the run time for those videos is shown as 0:00, but we were told months ago that these would be fixed, and they're still missing. When you click a tag, nothing happens. Last, I was disappointed to note that while the Gay Hoopla blog still exists, the site no longer links to it.

Gay Hoopla offers hot jocks and muscle hunks in hardcore sucking and fucking as well as sizzling solos, and there are several years of recorded live shows from the site's early days, as well. The performers are well-built with six-pack abs, chiseled pecs and great asses; they're a mix of first-timers, a few guys you'll recognize from other sites, and some who come back and shoot videos for this site again and again. With 1,360 videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, three to four updates every week and nine Secret Menu videos, there's a lot to see here. Gay Hoopla delivers some very hot guys in hotter action, and I enjoyed watching the archived live shows, too.

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