The Stalker The Stalker

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Someone is watching as Klein Kerr arrives at Enzo Rimenez's house. Enzo looks around, then ushers Klein inside. They kiss passionately in the foyer, then Klein kneels. The stalker films their every move through the windows. Does he come inside for a closer look? Does this stalker join them?

Who is this stalker? Is it Klein Kerr's lover, watching as the sexy young lad sneaks around with his secret lover? Is it a private investigator trying to get dirt on the rich and power executive? Or maybe it's just a neighbour getting their kicks.

After getting his big uncut cock sucked in the foyer, Enzo takes Klein into the bedroom. He pulls the lad's pants down, then pushes him down on all four and eats his sweet young ass. He slides his hard-on inside and fucks Klein doggy style. Hard. He rolls Klein over and screws him on his back and makes him cream all over his belly. Does the stalker reveal himself?

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