The Good Morning Blow Job The Good Morning Blow Job

Tyler Hanson is a horny fucker - he woke up early in the Gay Hoopla house and had a boner that wouldn't go down, so he tip-toed into Sebastian Hook's room and lifted the covers to see that Sebastian too had a massive morning-glory. He bent down and started sucking it while Sebastian was still sound asleep. Sebastian slowly woke to the sounds of sucking, and a warm, wet mouth on his boner - what a pleasant surprise!

Things just got better from there on in too. Both guys are highly-sexed lads, raging hormones, big cocks, almost insatiable sex-drives - you can imagine what happens! Yep, a quick "Good Morning" blow job ends up becoming a super-hot fuck session with Tyler's arse getting majorly ploughed by Sebastian's fat cock. In fact, as Sebastian pulls out to shoot his load, Tyler's gaping wide-open arsehole is beautifully captured by the camera, so you can imagine what it must have felt like! After Sebastian cums, he falls back onto the bed and goes back to sleep, and the still horny Tyler proceeds to jerk his own load all over the sleeping Sebastian's broad chest! Super-hot fuck guys!

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