Next On The List - Tayte Hanson Fucks Dillon Rossi Next On The List - Tayte Hanson Fucks Dillon Rossi

Tayte Hanson and Dillon Rossi met at a club recently where Tayte was auditioning to be the next Cocky Boys exclusive model. Even before the enthusiastic audience crowned him the winner, he was already flirting with several of the other models and mentally making plans on how and when he was going to fuck their brains out. He's already fucked Levi Karter and next on his list is the lucky Dillon Rossi!

Both Tayte and Dillon are fans of outdoor sex, so they jumped at the chance of filming in a romantic forested location on a warm spring day with just a hammock to support them. Things naturally progressed from cuddling and soft kisses, to rimming and cock sucking. But soon both lads were rock hard and eager to get down to some hardcore fucking. Dillon readily admits he loves getting fucked and played with at the same time, so as Tayte impaled Dillon's hole with his rock-hard prick, he grabbed Dillon's cock with his right hand and stroked it to the rhythm of his fucking and you can be sure all this stimulation meant it didn't take long before Dillon shot his load! The sight of all that warm cum on Dillon's belly clearly got Tayte very excited and his own load of man-juice quickly followed. It is safe to say Dillon is one happy bottom boy, so Tayte is now thinking ... who's next on the list?

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