Straight Nerds Spank Butt Cheeks Then Cum Straight Nerds Spank Butt Cheeks Then Cum

This really is a great video from Straight Fraternity. It features two straight nerdy young guys, Tex and Reese, who are both amazingly sexy with their shy, nerdy kind of looks and mannerisms.

Both guys are return visitors to the site; Tex is the younger of the two and he's got such an innocent look about him, with those glasses and that cute little smile. He's single and has been off chasing the ladies down in Texas lately and talks a bit about that; while Reese is still living with his girlfriend. The guys stand up and strip, Tex is a bit shy and hides his little uncut cock, whereas Reese just lets his big floppy cut dick dangle in full view! The guys have no idea what the cameraman has in store for them today, and both are shocked, and a bit amused, that he wants Reese to paddle Tex's butt until the cheeks glow red! They both laugh about it nervously, then Tex lays himself across Reese's lap and Reese starts paddling his butt, albeit gently. After a few good smacks Tex stands up and his butt is glowing a nice shade of pink and he rub's the warm cheeks with his hands to try and cool them down a bit. Then the cameraman shocks the guys again when he says "Now it's Reese's turn to get spanked!" It is funny to watch as the tables turn - as Tex, unlike Reese, doesn't pull any punches and really smacks Reese's butt cheeks quite hard - in fact Reese can't take many whacks until he jumps up to protect his skinny butt! Now the cameraman gets the guys to stroke their cocks and then tells Tex to blow Reese. It is great to see this straight young nerdy guy going down and sucking cock. He starts off tentatively, with his own cock quite soft, and then seemingly decides he likes it and really gets into the experience, and all the while his own cock gets harder and harder, you can even see bounce up and down with each pulse until it's rock hard! Then Reese reaches the point of no return and Tex watches in awe as he witnesses another guy's cock cumming right in front of him for the first time ... the look on his face is priceless! But that's not the end, the cameraman makes Reese play with Tex's nipples and jiggle his balls while Tex jacks off, and when the time comes for his own cum shot, as Reese couldn't take all his whacks earlier Tex won the prize, which was to squirt his cum over Reese's hairy leg!

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