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Straight Fraternity was a gay porn mainstay that featured college-aged straight guys doing their first jack-off videos and exploring sex with guys. The site stopped producing new content over two years ago, and during this reset they removed 400 videos so they could re-master them; they've been adding them back in at a rate of one a week. We haven't visited the site since May 2016, so it's time to check in and see what's new.

While you'll find some guys with ripped and gym-fit bodies, many more have "regular guy" physiques. Samuel is a med student in his twenties; he's cute with a bit of chin scruff, his smooth body is lean and he's wearing a couple of a tattoos on his arms. He's sporting an average-sized cock, although it's a little thick, and a heavy pair of low hangers. Samuel jacked off in his first video and got a blindfolded blowjob in a second. Joner is also 20 years old and wearing some chin scruff, but he's leaner than Samuel and hung; he's also deaf. Joner only appeared in one video where he fucks another guy bareback.

Most of the guys are white, but there are a couple dozen black guys and nearly three dozen Latin studs. Robbie is one of the black studs; he's handsome with a chiseled body and sports a really nice pair of pecs. He's quite hung and appears in four videos; his first was a blowjob, he got fucked in his second, then he fucked around in two separate fiveways. The majority of guys are smooth, but there are some hairy ones here and there and others who are still growing into their body hair with patches in the middle of their chests. Many of the guys are wearing tattoos, and a few are wearing various kinds of facial hair - trimmed beards or goatees, a bit of chin scruff, or maybe they're gone a couple of days without shaving.

For me, the biggest draw at Straight Fraternity is that the guys aren't gorgeous and perfectly-built porn hunks. They're just average guys you'd see walking down the street or at the store, guys in their early to late twenties, a few a little older. Whether you like rough straight guys or clean-cut college guys, you'll find a good mix here as well as the odd porn stud. Are they really straight? Most appear to be, although some are definitely gay or bisexual, and a few have gone on to become bigger gay porn performers.

The guys usually start off with an audition where they talk with Franco Dax (the producer), then they strip and stroke their dicks. After that, pretty much anything can happen - it depends on the guy. There's lot of side-by-side jerking, blowjob action and cock measuring; the guys often strip each other, there's rimming, and there's fucking both with and without condoms. There's some kinky stuff, too, like spanking and piss play. And Franco is always pushing the guys to go past their limits and try new things including kissing, eating cum or getting facials. Franco himself appears in over 70 of the videos and gets into the action; he regularly gives handjobs, blowjobs or fucks ass (he bottoms, too). And by the way, he's more of a hairy daddy, heavily inked and usually bearded.

Straight Fraternity currently offers 204 videos, less than they had a few years ago, but more about that in a minute. The videos are exclusive and are now offered in MP4 format in four different sizes with the largest coming in at 960x540 and the smallest sized at 428x240. The videos are downloadable, and all them are being re-mastered so they're all available in the same four sizes; the biggest sizes will play on desktop computers and newer mobiles, the smaller are compatible with older mobiles. Quality is good amateur or better so the vids are sharp and clear. The streaming versions are offered at four speeds and play at 998x540. They default at the lowest speed, which isn't great quality, but you can easily adjust the speeds in a drop down menu. The highest quality versions fare best in full-screen mode.

Each episode has a page with a write-up about the guys and what happens. And each has a picture set, most with 14 or 28 screencaps that you can view in galleries. Some of the episodes feature a guy in digital stills,and the odd one may not have any photos, but this is rare. Most of the pics are sized at 960x540, but I did find some smaller sizes, too. You can view each set as a hands-free slideshow. And while you can download each set in zip file, this time around I wasn't able to save the pictures individually.

While each model on Straight Fraternity has his own page that links to all of his scenes, they don't have any profiles or information beyond what you'll find in the scene descriptions. Most of the guys appear in one scene with the possibility of more to come, but others appear in as many as five or six scenes.

Now let's talk about updates. When we reviewed the site a couple of years ago, around 400 videos had been removed. The site had gone through a major reset and I believe a redesign, and had also stopped producing new video. It instead has been remastering the older scenes and re-releasing two per week in larger sizes with improved quality. That being said, it's only added 83 videos in the past 25 months. After doing some searching, I found that there was a year break where there were no updates, but that's over a year ago, and the site has been updating ever since. 

If you haven't been a member of the site before, the remastered updates isn't going to be a problem as there are over 200 videos to watch now and there's another two added every week. However if you have previously been a member, you may have seen many of these videos before, but this still may not be a problem for you unless you have an eidetic memory.

Straight Fraternity doesn't really have any issues. While it's true that the site is not producing new content so that the weekly updates consist of recycled scenes, they are remastered so the quality is better. And unlike some sites that recycle the updates, this one doesn't remove them after they're added. While I'd have liked to see model profiles or at least more info than is given in the scene descriptions, the scene descriptions do include a little info about the guys.

I enjoyed Straight Fraternity and all those hot straight guys. It delivers the kind of guys and action I expected from the tour. And while we can't always guarantee these guys are 100% straight, they mostly seem to be. There are 204 exclusive videos to download, stream, or watch on your mobile, and while the site is smaller than it was in its heyday, there's still lots to enjoy plus they add a remastered scene every week. The producer engages the guys with getting-to-know-you sessions before the action, and he gets them doing all kinds of things, pushing their boundaries as the tour promises. Straight Fraternity is a horny good time with lots of fun thrown in, and I'd say it's still worth checking out.

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