Straight Lad On A Tram Agrees To Be Fucked For Cash Straight Lad On A Tram Agrees To Be Fucked For Cash

This week the Czech Hunter cameraman caught up with a hot, young, straight guy on a tram. He was able to convince him, for some ready cash, to open his pants and flop out his uncut cock for the camera to film - in full view of the other passengers, had any of them cared to notice! Then the horny cameraman easily talked this young hottie into agreeing to go with him to a local hotel and go gay for pay!

Once in the privacy of the hotel room, the young man stripped to his underwear, then he looked up and saw the cameraman's cock - which is huge - the poor guy was now wondering what he'd agreed to! But he was a man of his word (or he desperately needed the cash) and was soon on his knees sucking away at the fat uncut cock. Then, as usual, our horny cameraman offered extra cash in exchange for allowing him to bareback fuck the lad's virgin arsehole - and before long the young man's arse-cherry was being popped. Nice Christmas present! And surprisingly, he was enjoying it too, as you can see he swaps positions, gets the cameraman on his back, sits his arsehole down on that big fat cock and rides it up and down - and all the while his own cock is now rock-hard and he's jerking himself off! It all ends with the young guy's smiling face covered in our cameraman's sticky cum shot, and the guy's naked body covered in the cash he's just earned himself - Happy New Year buddy!

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