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Czech Hunter puts the focus on Czech guys in reality-style porn where amateur guys are picked up on the street and the sex happens in public or semi-public places. Not only that, but the action here is more or less POV, which means we're seeing it from the point of view of the Czech Hunter himself, and let me tell you, this guy has a big uncut piece of meat. If you're a fan of "regular guy" types and Euro dudes with uncut cocks, chances are you're going to like what you find here. From super cute twinks ready to put out for cash to a late-30s straight guy whose girlfriend wants to see him show his cock on camera (and even helps out a bit), the performers here are mostly first-timers who are more than willing to get off on camera if the price is right.

When it comes to interesting locations for casual sex, Czech Hunter delivers. Expect sucking and fucking in a garage, on a train, in a field or the men's room, at a bar or in an abandoned building. A couple of the videos take place in a taxi - those are some of my favorites - while in another the Hunter actually rents a motel room. I must say that some of these locations are the kind of places where one might expect to get caught, which adds a little spice. The camera work is amateur, the lighting is what you'd expect considering the locations and the overall feel is gritty and real.

Several of the latest episodes involve the Czech Hunter picking up two guys instead of one. These videos stick to the reality porn, gay-for-pay theme, and include having the guys suck each other or suck each other and the Hunter. In one notably dirty episode at a wrecking yard, after after the guys are paid to show their dicks, stroke each other and the Hunter and some blowjob action, both guys bend over a dumpster where the Hunter gets to fuck first one ass, then the other.

Czech Hunter has grown to 339 videos thanks to weekly updates. The videos are exclusive, DRM-free, and they're offered in MP4 format; each video is a full scene you can download, stream, or view on most mobiles. The downloads are offered at 640x360 and these are good amateur quality at their original size. Streams are larger, sized at about 942x526, and they look decent, too, although enlarged to full screen you'll notice a slight drop in sharpness and clarity. Expect murky lighting in some of the locations and camera work that doesn't always get the cocks and the penetration in the center of the screen. And most of the videos are over 30 minutes, many are over 45 minutes.

All but the oldest videos come with picture sets. These are good amateur quality, sized at 800x533, and while they're probably screencaps, they look good enough pass for digital stills. There are 12 to over 30 pictures in each set, and while there are no downloadable zip files, you can save individual photos by right clicking a thumb and selecting "Save link as" and slideshows and pic-to-pic navigation are available, too.

Since the site is part of the Bigstr network, Czech Hunter members also get access to two more exclusive, Czech-based street pickup sites. First is Debt Dandy, with 288 videos, which features broke amateurs, but instead of simply paying these guys to suck and fuck, they're also forced to do humiliating things from showing their assholes to the camera to having to put on a puppet show or answer embarrassing questions. And Dirty Scout offers 117 videos of guys who come to an employment agency to get jobs and then find they have to service the recruiter in order to get those job referrals. Both sites update weekly.

There are a few things worth mentioning. First, the join page says the videos are available in HD, but the videos are only available in standard def. Also while the downloadable videos are mobile compatible, the streaming videos are not. Another claim on the join page is "several times weekly updates" but this claim refers to the network; this particular site updates once each week. Don't be surprised that the language spoken in the videos isn't English - these are Czech guys after all. I found the subtitles were sometimes helpful, but the translations aren't great English, so sometimes they're unintentionally funny. Also a few of the guys have pimply asses.

Czech Hunter continues to deliver to goods, offering hot public sex and gay-for-pay action plus regular weekly updates. The 339 videos can be downloaded, streamed, and the downloads will play on most mobiles. What really makes the site work is the combination of performers who really feel like amateur Czech guys, and the gay sex in public places really does take place in public places. There are some pretty adventurous locations, and the cameraman doesn't seem too worried about getting caught. Members get access to two more Czech reality sites, so if you love reality porn, amateur Euro guys and uncut cocks, Czech Hunter is definitely worth checking out.

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