Straight Ginger Plugs Himself and Blows

Well at least pale, cut redhead Bruce claims he's straight. His back story is that he likes to be humiliated by women but technically that could also make him a kinky lesbian. You'll have to look at his dick up close to tell. Or is it his big clit? Are you reading this Bruce? Trying to humiliate you the way you like. I'm totally giving that way with fictional sex partners.

Hopefully, when the director surprised him with a purple dildo and told him to fuck himself (the best kind of "fuck himself"), Bruce found it suitably humiliating, even though no women were involved.

He sure has pert nips, doesn't he? When he plays with his peter, they get really hard. So hard and pokey it's embarrassing. Makes him need to touch himself more to take away the sting of embarrassment. Bruce has so many reasons to masturbate. You do too. At least one reason anyhow.

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