Straight Furry Victor Beats Out A Load Straight Furry Victor Beats Out A Load

Victor is a good-looking straight guy auditioning at Straight Fraternity. He seems a bit shy at first, and his nervous smile is really quite adorable! He's blessed with a beefy torso, which is quite furry on the belly, strong hairy legs ... plus, and perhaps most importantly, a very nicely sized uncut cock!

He is wearing all black, which makes him blend into the black leather couch, so the cameraman gets him to stand up and strip naked. Now we can see him better. His big soft uncut cock and balls flop around all over the place as he moves around ... very nice indeed! Then he settles back onto the sofa and gets his cock rock hard and starts to beat off. I must say, he is very nicely hung ... his cock is long and fat, and he really grabs hold of it tightly and pounds it quite ferociously, then, while holding his breath, he finally releases his load!

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