So You Wanna Be A Cocky Boy? Part 2 So You Wanna Be A Cocky Boy? Part 2

I must say I really found this video from Cocky Boys to be most interesting, quite heart-warming in fact. We have two gorgeous young gay men, Ricky Roman and Felix Warner, living on opposite sides of the country, who meet online in their early teens; they are unable to catch up face to face until years later, yet their puppy love/infatuation with each other endured the years and was extraordinarily passionate when finally realised it in person. Then fast-forward several more years and we find out that Felix wanted to try out for the recent "So You Wanna Be A Cocky Boy" contest (incidentally, won by Tayte Hanson) but couldn't make the auditions, but he's a determined young man and was able to gather support from his online social media followers and successfully petition Cocky Boys to allow him to realise his dream - to become a Cocky Boy and film a scene together with his true-love, Ricky!

When you see Felix and Roman with each other it is easy to see why these two handsome, fit and ripped young men were so totally suited to become Cocky Boys and, with them already being best friends and lovers, you can be sure they already know just what the other likes and will be sure to perform well together. And that's exactly what happens here. Although both guys are versatile, Felix had never topped Roman in any of their previous personal encounters, so in this film we get to see something they have never done before, a flip fuck ... with each other! Watch as they get down to business and Felix finally gets to pound Ricky for the first time in 10 years and boy, was it worth the wait! This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime kind of sex!

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