Skippy Having Bum Fun with Giant Dildo Skippy Having Bum Fun with Giant Dildo

Skippy Baxter really is a true-life buddy of Bentley Race site owner Ben. And it's taken Ben years to convince Skippy to take off his clothes for the camera. I don't know why he'd be shy, Skippy is a sexy guy with a beautifully athletic body, and a bid-nobbed cock. But I get it, not everyone wants to share the full monty with the world.

But Skippy did eventually agree. Boy, did he ever, he's featured in 20 various photo galleries and videos. And not only has he posed naked and jacked his gorgeous cock, but he's gone all the way in three scenes. (I'll have to see if I can get pictures of those.) But in this latest session, it's just Ben filming Skippy having some bum fun with a giant dildo.

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