Seb Is 'Lured Into The Darkness' For An Encounter With Kayden Seb Is 'Lured Into The Darkness' For An Encounter With Kayden

UK Hot Jocks hottie Kayden Gray is leaning up against a wall inside an old abandoned windmill with his pants unbuckled and his raging boner sticking out of them ... although fully clothed, he feels wildly naked. It's pouring with rain outside and he's been sending out anonymous text messages with his mobile phone to any twinks in the area ... he's desperately horny and wants sex ... right NOW!

Nearby, at the local train station pick-up spot, Seb Evans is looking for some cruising action, so when he gets the text message he's quick to follow the directions. He cautiously enters the dilapidated old building, not entirely sure what to expect ... he's a bit scared ... but also very excited at the prospect of meeting someone hot! Then, as he moves into the darkness, he sees Kayden ... stroking that rock-hard boner of his ... Seb is mesmerized by the sight! He walks slowly towards where Kayden is standing, taking it all in, lured by the sight, the location, the smell ... all are intoxicating and irresistable! He bends down and envelopes Kayden's cock with his mouth and sucks on it ... deep-throating the monster ... almost choking at times, as each inch of the thick shaft slides down his throat! Then Kayden reaches down, puts a single finger under Seb's chin and raises him up, they kiss, then Kayden goes down on Seb's own raging boner! He sucks on Seb's cock while simultaneously fingering his arsehole ... getting it slick and ready for the fucking they both so desperately want and need!

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