Russian Beefcake Alexander Volkov Debuts at Lucas Entertainment Russian Beefcake Alexander Volkov Debuts at Lucas Entertainment

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Watch Alexander Volkov's Debut Fuck at Lucas Entertainment

Alexander Volkov is a gorgeous blond hunk just making his porn debut at Lucas Entertainment. He's small in stature, standing only 5'7", but he's big everywhere else. He weighs 180 pounds and sports a beautifully chiseled body and a deliciously big uncut cock. He's paired up with Adam Killian who puts both Volkov's hefty dick and perfect ass to good use in this gym fuck.

Alexander Volkov is a beautiful man, there's no doubt about that. But good-looking beefcake hunks aren't a rarity in Pornland. So the question is: Can he handle a big cock like Adam Killian's? Yes, he can. Adam's dick is a bit challenging, it's thick and curved like a banana and crowned with a plump cap, but Alexander sucks it superbly and swallows it deep down his throat. And judging by the dirty grin on Adam's face, he's happy with Volkov's mouth.

When Adam wants to fuck Alexander, he picks the hunk up in his arms and carries him to the mats, then sets him down on his shoulders and slides inside the Russian's ass. Adam plunge fucks him and Alexander pants through the initial moments, but it's not long before he's begging for it. They eventually head for a lounge chair and Adam screws Alexander on his back and tries fucking the stud to orgasm, but the Russian wears him out. Adam pulls out and offers his mouth and Volkov shoots a couple of squirts in Adam's mouth, the rest of his generous load spills across his belly. A very nice introduction.

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