Rocco Steele's 5-Man Gang Bang Rocco Steele's 5-Man Gang Bang

I sure wouldn't want to share Rocco Steele's monster cock with anyone, but if I were invited to join him in a five-man gang bang, I wouldn't refuse. In fact with big-dicked men Drew Sebastian and Pedro Andreas joining him in this Lucas Entertainment flick, there's plenty of cock to keep a bottom happy. But this is Rocco Steele's gang bang, so all four men feel his huge dick in their asses at one point or other. Come inside and take a peek.

When the scene opens, Alejandro Alvarez is sucking Rocco Steele and Drew Sebastian is blowing Alejandro. On the other couch, Pedro Andreas sits back and enjoys head from Dolf Dietrich. The five men come together and Alejandro leans over one end with Drew behind him, Dolf kneels behind Drew and guide's his lover's cock into Alejandro's ass. (Yes, Dolf and Drew are real-life partners.) On the other side of the couch, Pedro is the first man to get fucked by Rocco. But Pedro struggles with Rocco's 10x7, so the top moves over to Alejandro and screws him.

Drew bends over the sofa and sucks his lover Dolf while Rocco plugs his ass. Rocco really seems to enjoy Alejandro because he keeps going back to him, after fucking any of the other guys, Rocco makes a pit stop in Alejandro's hole before moving on to the next bottom. Drew warms up his lover's ass, then Rocco moves in and fills it. Then Rocco fucks the cum out of Alejandro, but it's Drew Sebastian, his fellow top man, who gets Rocco's load up his ass. Wow! This is a must-see and one for the spank bank.

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