Ripped Thai-German Stud Ripped Thai-German Stud

Ken Ott is a brand new stud over at Gay Hoopla. He works very hard in the gym and it sure shows. Look at those ripped abs! Ken loves flexing and posing for the camera, so there's lot of great footage of him in and out of the gym. Ken is a beautiful guy, he's a Filipino and German mix, and he's confident, so his jack-off show is pretty hot.

After showing off and letting us see some of his workout routine, Ken settles back in his hotel room and shows us how big his cock gets. Don't let these pictures fool you, Ken is definitely a grower. And I loved watching this stud dry humping his pillow on the bed; his body is so strong, his ass so round and tight. And he's got a furry ass crack, too, which is kind of sexy. And as you can see, he unloads a healthy load of cream all over his six pack.

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