Riley Tess Seduces Hung Sandro Sanchez Riley Tess Seduces Hung Sandro Sanchez

Riley Tess is clearly a well-seasoned cock sucker, while Sandro Sanchez is the lucky bastard that gets his tongue and lips round his monstrously huge, uncut cock. In this scene at Butch Dixon, Sandro Sanchez is playing a renter, preying on unsuspecting realtor, Riley. He isn't looking to score cheap rent, he just wants to get in Sanchez's pants and get what hides beneath up his cute, hairy hole.

Rarely have I seen such masculine guy look so 'slutty' with his arse in the air, seductively. Riley knows how to tease his top and hairy Sanchez is clearly taking the bait! After noshing on Sanchez's great, big dick, Riley lets him eat his furry, hungry fuck hole and then pound it while he moans and writhes.

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