Reese Fucks David Bareback With His Thick Dick Reese Fucks David Bareback With His Thick Dick

Reese and his fat cock have returned to Straight Fraternity, and today he is joined by a younger straight guy named David. David is just 20 years old and a bit on the wild side, with a fit young body, developed from his years as a wrestler on his high school gym team.

The guys are asked to strip to their underwear, and David is told that a few of his sexual boundaries are going to be tested, and probably stretched, a bit today. And the first one involves him getting his butt cheeks spanked. He's made to stand up against the wall, then Reese spanks his butt a few times with his hand, then pulls down his undies and hits his butt cheeks a few more times with the wooden paddle, until David's can't stand it anymore, by which time his cheeks have turned a nice shade of red. The whole time David is laughing and seemingly enjoying the experience, tugging at his long fat cock, wondering what's coming next. Well, sucking cock is next on the agenda and David does a great job too! In fact he seems quite comfortable with Reese's cock in his mouth, and despite the occasional bit of gagging and watering eyes, he gets the hang of it quite quickly, and even seems capable of deep-throating it quite a long way. But sucking naturally leads to fucking, and Reese lies down on the couch and David squats over him, sitting his arse down over Reese's groin and rock-hard cock. As Reese's cock enters his hole, David suddenly realizes how fat it really is, and audibly says for all to hear - "It's Thick!" Yep, it sure is! David bounces up and down for a while on Reese's raw cock until Reese decides he wants to take control. He gets David on his back, knees up against his chest, arsehole open and ready for bare-backing. Reese rides the hell out of David, fucking his hole deeply as David moans with the pleasure, and winces with the pain, of his first man-on-man sexual experience. At the end the guys kick back on the couch side-by-side and jack their cocks together. David watches with fascination as Reese shoots a big fountain of cum, but by the time it's David's turn, the poor lad is so worn out from being fucked that he can't make anything come out of his ... perhaps next time?

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