A Rare Bottom Moment with Adam Archuleta A Rare Bottom Moment with Adam Archuleta

Adam Archuleta has filmed a lot of scenes with Bel Ami Online, but he doesn't bottom very often. And he's got a chore ahead of him with Vadim Farrell and his long cock. But even though he's the bottom, there are moments in this frenzied fuck scene where he's very much the top. Adam sits on Vadim's long dick and bounces for a minute or so, then he pulls off and fucks Vadim's throat, then he's back riding his buddy's hard-on.

Eventually Vadim gets Adam lying back so he can do all the fucking. And there are some horny close-ups with Vadim's erection stretching Adam's hole. He plunges right in and right back out, and each time we get to see Adam's gaping hole before Vadim stuffs it again. With Vadim picking up the pace and thrusting hard, Adam strokes his cock and lets a very healthy stream of cum fly all over himself and the bed. Then Vadim douses Adam's raw butt hole with his juice. A very hot scene.

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