Plungable Dildos Are a Bottom's Best Friend Plungable Dildos Are a Bottom's Best Friend

I wish I could really get into shoving dildos up my ass. It's not that I don't like getting fucked. Please. I just don't like the feel of them. And it's not a you hand feels better than my hand kind of thing because I don't enjoy it when others use dildos on me.

But Riley Tess doesn't have that problem. He finds himself alone in a locker room in this UK Hot Jocks scene, and with no one to fuck his horny hole, he does what any good bottom would, he opens up his gym bag and brings out his toy. It's a big black dildo that he plunges to the bench and lowers himself onto it. (I am always amazed at how much cock a guy can get up his ass.) Riley slides all the way down. Then Riley plunges his dildo to a locker and backs himself onto it. And he does enjoy himself.

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