Paddle Whacks and Cock Sucking Paddle Whacks and Cock Sucking

Straight Fraternity get together straight guys for, often-times, their first ever forays into the world of gay sex. Today the flamboyantly gay-acting (but actually straight) go-go dancer Enrique is put together with the 20yo Liam. Liam is also straight, and after trading some paddle whacks with Enrique, he gets to suck an uncut cock for the very first time!

There's plenty of energy in the room when Liam and Enrique are put together side-by-side on the sofa. Laughter, probably brought on more by nervousness than any particular humorous event, is on the cards - these guys are both straight and the reality of holding another guys cock in their hands makes them giggle like school girls! They try a bit of arse-cheek smacking, followed by some full-on paddling, and both end up with bright red butt cheeks. Cocks are naturally still soft after all this, but some oral attentions soon get a rise out of both guys. Liam even gets to suck his first ever uncut cock, and Enrique gets to suck on a large black cock in return. Both guys end up getting off on the process - taking turns to spurt their cum loads all over each other's chests!

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