Outdoor Bareback Sex, No Thanks, We're British Outdoor Bareback Sex, No Thanks, We're British

Treasure Island Media has caught heck from the British censors over their latest DVD called "Hard Cuts." The DVD did not pass inspection by British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), and without the BBFC's R18 classification, TIM cannot distribute the DVD in British stores. So what did Treasure Island Media do to get under the BBFC's petticoats?

The BBFC objected to an outdoor sex scene where hung Dutchman Peto Coast fucks a bottom in the forest. The BBFC wants proof that the bareback wilderness romp was not visible to members of the public. Squirrels, bunnies, and hobbits, fine, but no people. The BBFC also objected to another scene called "Stoner Sixway" that features six naked men smoking an unidentified substance and fucking on an open-air balcony. Doesn't this kind of thing go on all the time in Hollywood-type movies, even ones made in the UK? I really don't know, I'm too busy watching porn to go to the movie theatre.

If Treasure Island Media wants to sell "Hard Cuts" in the UK it can edit out the two scenes and resubmit the DVD to the BBFC, along with another screening fee, for a second look. Or, it can ignore the BBFC and lap up all the free publicity and continue selling scads of DVDs off it's website, which is not located in the UK.

"Hard Cuts" is directed by Brit Liam Cole and features a total of six scenes starring: Peto Coast, Adam Russo, Sam Porter, CutlerX, Lincoln Gates, Ken Ten and a dozen others.

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