"Open Your Fucking Mouth!" "Open Your Fucking Mouth!"

Jonah is one of those trouble makers with a fuck-you attitude, which is too bad for him because the supervisors at Boys Halfway House have a special way of breaking down assholes like this. Jonah thinks the world owes him a free ride, but he learns quickly that the only way he's going to be sitting around all day is if he's riding the supervisor's fat cock.

Jonah just figured he could lounge around watching television and eating chips. When the supervisor arrives, he discovers that not only has Jonah failed to do his assigned chores, but this dumb shit has opened ten bags of chips, and he didn't finish any of them. Time for a lesson on how things work in this halfway house. The supervisor throws chips all over Jonah and yells at him for being so wasteful. He pulls Jonah off the chair and pushes him to his knees. "Open your fucking mouth," the supervisor orders unzipping his pants. Jonah looks at another resident sitting in a chair as if to ask, "Is this for real?"

The supervisor warms up Jonah's mouth with his thumb, then he holds Jonah's head and stuffs his big cock in his mouth. The miscreant struggles, but the supervisor holds him in place until he gets his fill of his warm, wet mouth. He orders Jonah to bend over and inches his bare cock inside the lad's skinny butt. It didn't take long for Jonah's ass to start gaping and the supervisor goes all wild pounding his bony ass hard. When he needs a break, the supervisor sits back in the recliner and orders Jonah to ride his cock. And after finishing the director off by hand, Jonah is ordered to lick the supervisor's dick clean. He's not happy about this.

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