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Boys Halfway House has a simple premise - delinquents, bad boys, and trouble makers are given a second chance to turn things around at this halfway house; if not, they go to jail. But the house has rules, lots of them, and there are a couple of nasty managers taking care of this place. Not only do they make sure the rules are followed, but punishment always comes in the form of verbal humiliation and servicing the counselor's dick.

Boys Halfway House has 60 residents who range from 18 their early to mid-twenties. They sport slim or athletic bodies, though a couple have nicely built physiques and one has a few extra pounds. The residents are mostly smooth, some have tattoos, and some have a little facial hair, which is mainly just chin scruff. A few of the guys are cute, the rest look like a handful of trouble; they're the kind of guys you see hanging out on the street getting up to no good. They're a mix of amateurs, fresh faces, and a few regular porn performers like Sam Truitt, Trent Ferris, Donny Forza, and Trevor Spade.

Each episode is titled with an incident number like "Incident #053," making the videos seem more like official reports, but with subtitles like "Barebacking a Florida Cracker" or "Raw Attitude Ajustment," these reports aren't going anywhere except into the counselors' personal spank banks. The scenes use a POV filming style so we never see much of the supervisors, and this lets us focus on these bad boys taking their punishment down their throats or up their asses.

Each episode opens with a resident being confronted for something they did. One guy breaks curfew and finds the supervisors waiting for him when he arrives home. The counselors find a bottle of pills in another guy's room, still another bad boy misses his probation meeting. It doesn't matter what they do wrong as the punishment is always the same: the supervisor pulls out his cock and threatens to report the resident and send him back to jail. Sometimes both halfway house supervisors get involved, and then the bad boys get spit roasted by two decent-sized dicks. The fucking is often bareback, but not always.

The residents also endure verbal abuse as the supervisors call them names, reprimand them, and even slap their faces. The bad boys squirm with threats about doing time or taunts about how popular their cute butts will be in prison; ultimately the guys do whatever they're told. After getting their dicks serviced, the supervisors blow their cum on the guy's body or face or in his mouth, and then the residents are ordered to jack themselves off while the spent supervisor films. Most of the guys are good little actors who make me believe they aren't enjoying this perverted punishment.

There are two ways to enjoy the content at Boys Halfway House. It is a membership site, and members get unlimited viewing, but the videos are only available to stream; if you'd like to download the videos, you have to pay extra. If you don't want a monthly membership, you can purchase packages of credits that allow you to download the videos for around seven to 13 credits each, and then they are yours to download and keep, or you can store them in the cloud, which usually costs half the number of credits, and you can watch the video whenever or however many times you want.

There are currently 71 videos on the site, 31 more than there were just under 11 months ago. The videos stream at 890x540 in MP4 format, or if you download them by using credits, they play at 1280x720. These are good amateur productions with decent lighting and sound, and as I've said, they are filmed in a POV. The streaming is robust and I had no problems fast forwarding through the scenes with just a brief pause; they played well and smoothly, and the highest quality versions fared well at full-screen mode. The videos come in three different quality levels but while visual quality improves when playing each video at a higher quality, the playback dimensions remain the same.

Each episode has a gallery of around 60 screencaps that display at 720x480 at decent quality or 960x540 at average quality or a bit lower. Unfortunately you can't save the pictures individually nor are there downloadable zip files. You view the pictures in a slider that has forward and back controls along with a slideshow feature, so these make a handy way to preview the action in the videos.

The episodes aren't dated - the tour only says "exclusive updates each month," but we contacted the site owners who tell us they will be adding three updates per month, and that's what the site has been averaging since our last review, minus a single update. I'm not a big fan of sites that charge members extra money to download movies, but this kind of set-up is popping up regularly. I noticed some pausing when I tried to fast-forward the videos very far and sometimes when I first started to play one, but it wasn't bad and I didn't run into any other issues.

Boys Halfway House continues to execute its theme very well with believable scenarios and guys who generally fit and act the part; a couple even shed a tear or two while being choked with the supervisor's cock. I even enjoyed that we only get to see the supervisors' cocks sliding in mouths or stretching tight bum holes, it adds to the excitement. There are 71 exclusive videos that members can stream or if you want to download, you can buy credits to save the videos you like. Boys Halfway House gets full marks for a hot theme that's very well handled, as well as offering us the kind of guys you'd expect to see in a halfway house, and I highly recommend checking this site out.

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