CJ Parker & Dirk Willis - Real Chemistry CJ Parker & Dirk Willis - Real Chemistry

I first saw sexy hairy hunk Dirk Willis a few weeks back when he did a straight / bait video for another site and he was playing the straight guy who was surprised with an offer to get blown. I've seen this bald man on a couple of other gay porn sites since then and he sure loves dick, so I guess it just goes to show that you can't always believe what you see and read on porn sites.

What you can believe about this new scene from High Performance Men is that CJ Parker and Dirk Willis are hot for each other and their chemistry is on fire. When these two men first met, High Performance Men tells us, "Without hesitation they asked if they could fuck each other."

They start off with lots of passionate deep kissing and strip their clothes off, then they work over the stiff cocks with lots of licking and deep throating. After some 69ing, Dirk bends CJ over the couch and shoves his hard-on inside CJ's juicy ass. When CJ's hole needs a break, he sits back on the couch and pulls Dirk onto his erection and the hairy hunk goes for a ride. Blowjobs and fucks aren't the only thing these two are swapping: CJ shoots his jizz all over Dirk's chest and face, then CJ opens wide so Dirk can unload down his throat.

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