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High Performance Men is produced by Next Door Entertainment, but this site is decidedly different from this company's normal offering of wholesome and mostly clean-cut jocks, muscle studs, gay-for-pay guys, and even twinks. The men on High Performance Men are established porn performers, masculine and well-built hunks in their thirties like Johnny Hazzard, Allesio Romero, Jake Jennings, and Matt Stevens, as well there are younger more jock-like guys in their twenties like Colt Rivers, Sean Duran, and Tony Orion. Their bodies range from well defined and athletic to muscular. When High Performance Men opened they filmed men mostly in their natural states, so there were lots of fur both on chests and faces, but later they started filming more smooth and clean-shaven guys.

When the site launched over two years ago, they featured a fair number of solo jerk-off videos, but these days the scenes are all hardcore, there hasn't been a solo session for over a year and a half. Still, their solos are different than what we often see: These High Performance Men connect more with the camera showing us how much they're enjoying their bodies and cocks. You're not going to be watching guys stroking their dicks while watching porn on their televisions. These men are engaged with their audience and they're making their whole body feel good with lots of rubbing, hole massaging and fingering, touching their feet, and yes, jerking their cocks.

I found the action scenes were also a lot more passionate than a lot of stuff I've watched. Again, the men are much more engaged with their partners with eye contact, kissing, and caressing. One of my recent favorite videos had Sean Duran discover some cheating texts on his lover's phone, but when furball Billy Warren gets out of the shower Duran doesn't yell at him, he fucks him instead. It's a passionate session with lots of kissing and sucking, and finally, Duran gives his boyfriend a hard pounding. You can see Duran is bringing his A-game. After unloading all over Billy's nuts, Billy pants that was the best fuck he ever had. Sean grabs his cellphone and grunts, "Oh yeah? Then who the fuck is Joe?" and leaves the bedroom.

Not all of the videos have story lines, many just give us hot men getting off on each other's bodies in a variety of home settings like bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens, but there are scenes that take us into offices, store rooms, gyms, and locker rooms. But wherever the men fuck, High Performance Men gets top marks for giving us lots of foreplay with kissing, frottage, touching, and passion before the men get into the good stuff.

High Performance Men now offers 101 videos. Videos are offered in one size of downloadable WMV (720x400) and seven different sizes of MP4s from 320x178 to 1920x1080. Some computers may struggle with the full HD videos with bitrates in excess of six Mbps, but I found the others played fine and most of the videos were good to very good quality with good lighting and sound, and the smaller MP4s will play on most mobiles. If you prefer to watch movies online, there are seven different speeds of streaming MP4 that play in a 1150x654 player. The three highest quality videos fair best in full-screen mode.

Each episode has a picture gallery with 15 to 100+ digital stills that are good quality and good sized, displaying at 1280x1600 or better. Pics can be viewed via the hands-free slideshow feature, and you can either download individual pictures or when you find a set you like, you can save entire sets in downloadable zip files.

Your membership also gets you access to a total of seven sites that make up the Pride Studios Network. Men Over 30 and Extra Big Dicks update weekly; Dylan Lucas updates biweekly or once a month; and Cock Virgins, which had been updating weekly, stopped producing content around the same time that High Performance Men did. You'll also get access to Circle Jerk Boys and Boyz Party, but neither of these sites is adding new scenes either.

There are a few drawbacks here. First, the site has stopped producing new content and there are no plans for future updates. Next there's a pre-checked trial offer on the site's billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site membership when you join this site. Trial members get only streaming access; if you want to download the videos, you'll need a full membership. Also when hitting your back button from the join page, you may get a pop-up window. As well, there's a discrepancy in the video count of the Pride Studios network. The site says there are 4,200, but my hand counting got 2,559 videos, Regardless, even on the low end of 2,559, that's a lot of video, so you're definitely getting your money's worth.

High Performance Men started off featuring natural, furry mature men with scruffy faces while their newer updates focus on 20-something jocks and regular dudes with smooth bodies; you'll find familiar faces including some porn stars. There are 101 exclusive videos that can be downloaded, streamed or watched on most mobiles, each with a set of good quality pics. Unfortunately the site has stopped updating, but there are plenty more mature men in some of those 2,559 bonus videos. I'm sorry to see High Performance Men give up on production, as I enjoyed watching the mature men getting off together. If you've never been a member, it's worth checking out.

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