Poolside Threeway in Night Heat Poolside Threeway in Night Heat

Hunter Marx is a lucky bastard. In Titan Men's Night Heat, he's standing knee deep in the swimming pool sucking Dario Beck and Justin King's uncut cocks. Talk about foreskin fever. Yum! When the scene opens, Hunter is blowing Dario alone and Justin is sitting in a chair back against the wall, watching and stroking his bone. King eventually joins the men in the pool for a sexy, night-time threeway. The lighting shimmering off the pool makes for some very sexy moments.

Titan Men has being doing this Throwback Thursday thing where they bring back movies from the past and feature them alongside their new releases. Gosh, seeing Justin King again makes me swoon. I had such a hard-on for this hairy British stud. I remember when he tweeted that he had just gotten the call from Titan -- the call that all porn stars fantasize about getting -- and he was so thrilled and over the moon. A couple of weeks later and King was off to California to film a few scenes for Titan Men. But sadly, it wasn't long after this filming stint that King fell off the map. He's still around on Twitter, and he keeps promising that his own site is coming, but sadly, nothing has materialized. I miss this stud and I'm glad to see him again, even in a re-release.

Justin moves over to the pool and stands beside Dario Beck and Hunter Marx blows them both, gobbling their hard-ons and licking their foreskin, meanwhile Justin and Dario kiss. My favourite part of the scene has Justin getting fucked on all fours by Hunter and Dario feeds the bald Brit his dick . Truth be told, it wouldn't have bothered me in the least if Dario had headed inside to make hot chocolate and let these two furry men fuck, I've never been a fan. But that's the great thing about threeways, there's always lots to see and King and Marx are a great diversion

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