Nick Prescott and Brayden Forrester

A cascade of water runs down his toned, hairy body as his boner builds - TitanMen's latest release, Wet opens with Nick Prescott in the shower. Staring at him from the living room is dark-haired Brayden Forrester, stroking his big cock while relaxing in a chair. Nick dries off and puts a towel on as he approaches the voyeur, who quickly whips the towel off. Nick rubs Brayden's hairy chest, leaning down for a kiss before getting on his knees to worship Brayden's meat, his beard planted to the hunk's pubes. Brayden stares intently at him, holding Nick's head as he sucks. Nick licks up and down Brayden's hairy bod, then stands up to feed him, rubbing his own furry pecs and licking his lips as he gets serviced. Bending Brayden over the chair, Nick buries his face in Brayden's furry cheeks, eating his hairy hole. Nick fucks him from behind, going balls deep before turning the bottom over. Nick jacks off hard Brayden as he fucks him, the bottom's pecs bouncing from the force of his thrusts.

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