Newbie Taylor Gets Hazed and More by Zander Newbie Taylor Gets Hazed and More by Zander

Cutie-pie newbie Taylor is sitting on the Straight Fraternity couch next to the much more experienced Zander, and while both guys are straight, they are curious and willing to go "gay for pay" for the right amount. But it's Taylor's inexperience and nativity that makes this video so attractive, and everyone, except Taylor, knows exactly what's about to happen to the poor guy!

The cameraman starts things rolling by getting both guys to strip naked, and naturally Zander is already rock-hard, so he's the one delegated to get Taylor hard. His does this by getting down on his knees and sucking Taylor's still soft cock into his mouth - cut to a few minutes later and Taylor is now rock-hard and Zander is enthusiastically sucking his cock and balls and a spare hand is back behind toying with his hole too! But the sucking soon ends so that the butt-paddle can come out, and the guys take turns paddling each other's butt cheeks till they are hot and red, and poor Taylor gets the worst of this deal, as Zander really smacks the newbies cheeks much harder than he ever got in return! Next it's Taylor's turn to suck cock, but it doesn't last long as Zander really wants to get at Taylor's tight little puckered hole. He pushes Taylor face down onto the couch and, burying his face between Taylor's butt cheeks, he eats the newbie's arsehole while Taylor moans and groans, and it's obvious the poor kid is not entirely sure whether he likes it or not! Soon Taylor's hole is moist and relaxed and Zander manoeuvrers his cock so that it slides right in - bareback - and he fucks Taylor nice and hard until he's ready to cum. Then he pulls out and sprays his pent up load all over Taylor's butt before plunging it back in. Then he continues to pound Taylor from the rear while the lad strokes his own cock at the front until he too spews forth his own cum load all over the couch! Now that was one seriously hot bareback fuck no-one, especially Taylor, was expecting!

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