New Uncut Hottie Jake Pavlov Jerks His Big Boner New Uncut Hottie Jake Pavlov Jerks His Big Boner

Jake Pavlov is another stunning hottie to join the ranks of gorgeous straight guys over at Gay Hoopla. He's not just good-looking either - he's defined, muscular and fit, with amazing washboard abs, strong arms, broad shoulders and a rather large uncut cock!

Jake gets naked for his first solo shoot, showing off his tight, well-defined, muscular body, then he takes that cock in hand and, staring seductively right into the camera lens, slowly jacks it off - watch it swing from side to side as he enjoys it's length and the pleasurable feelings from his hand sliding along the thick shaft from the base to the tip. Then he pretend fucks the bed with a very experienced rhythm - before he takes his cock in hand again and increases his stroke speed until he reaches the point of no return - at which point he swipes the camera aside - seems we gotta join the site to see the cum shot - cheeky, but very hot!

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