Maikel Cash Fucks Handsome Dominique Hansson Maikel Cash Fucks Handsome Dominique Hansson

It's a traveller's worst nightmare come true: wrapped in a towel, Dutch hunk Dominique Hansson goes into the hallway to retrieve the morning paper and the door slams shut behind him. Can you imagine having to go down to the hotel's front desk to get someone to let him into his room? Luckily, fellow hotel guest Maikel Cash comes along and Hansson asks for help. "No English," Cash says. "Espanol." Great. Isn't this a fine mess? Come inside and see how Men at Play's Hansson gets out of this one.

Dominique Hansson is one of those mystery men. I hadn't seen him before Tim Kruger fucked him on Tim Tales, then I discover Jessy Ares had a crack at him too at Men at Play, and now this new scene called The Beef Next Door. Pornland is funny that way: one second a guy is the new face (or ass) in town, the next he's everywhere. But I'm glad he's making a big splash, Hansson is handsome, bearded, sports a beautiful beefy body covered in fur and tattoos, and he likes getting his ass fucked.

Maikel Cash takes advantage of Hansson's vulnerability and pull off the hunk's towel and they start making out right there in the hotel hallway. Squatting against the wall, the Dutchman gets his throat fucked rather vigoroulsy, then he bends over the bannister and Cash holds onto the hunk's shoulders and pounds his ass. With all the noise they're making, I don't know why the hotel manager didn't come along to investigate. Now that would have been an interesting addition to this story line.

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