Lucas Entertainment's Second Bareback Sex Video Lucas Entertainment's Second Bareback Sex Video

A couple of weeks ago, Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment shocked the gay porn world with the release of their first bareback fucking scene, something many of us thought we'd never see. GayDemon blogged about real-life lovers Billy Santoro and Seth Treston's debut scene with the studio.

This week, Lucas Entertainment followed up with real-life lovers Jake Steel and Peter Stark flip flop fucking raw. And it seems, at least for now, Lucas Entertainment's dabbling in bare fucking is going to be limited to bringing us couples and their private and steamy fuck sessions. I loved Billy and Seth's scene because it was just as passionate as it was dirty, and this latest scene with Jake and Peter is no different.

Jake does most of the fucking in this scene and I really enjoyed watching him pleasing his partner's hunger for dick. He's aggressive and a dirty talker while his lover, Peter, is more passionate and quiet. At one point Jake even grabs Peter by the throat while drilling his ass hard. He finally blows his load of jizz all over Peter's well-fucked hole, then laps up his own spunk with his tongue, and the two lovers exchange cum kisses. Then it's Peter's turn to fuck Jake's ass and Jake is just as aggressive as a bottom, telling Peter how it wants it and how much he's loving his thick cock. And likewise, Peter spunks Jake's asshole and does some more cum eating before the lovers fall into an exhausted embrace.

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