Logan Vaughn and Letterio Amadeo Flip Flop Bare Logan Vaughn and Letterio Amadeo Flip Flop Bare

Everything about Letterio Amadeo is big -- his lips, thighs, cock, and ass, hell, even his tattoo is big -- but when there's so much about him to love, the first thing that got me charged up in this Lucas Entertainment scene was how he kisses Logan Rogue. The two meet in front of a cast-iron bed draped in white shear fabric, the men themseves are wearing white shirts, and Letterio pulls Logan closer and kisses him. Logan is conservative at first, but then gives himself over to Letterio's full, plump lips.

Logan kneels and Letterio teasingly beats his face with his huge dick. "You like?" he asks. Logan smiles big and pants, "It's beautiful." Then Letterio grabs the back of Logan's head and gently pushes him onto his large cock. Logan's used to service big meat, his lover and fellow Swede, Tomas Brand is generously hung. The men swap head back and forth on the bed, and finally, Logan mounts Letterio and slowly inches down his hard, fat meat. It's a slow slide, and Logan moans all the way down, but he eventually buries it.

After a short ride, Logan fucks Letterio doggy style, then he gives the Swede another boning. But this time, Letterio blows his wad all over Logan's ass. Logan pushes Letterio back onto his knees and drills him some more. I know that feeling -- getting fucked after I've blown my wad -- it can be some of the hottest, mind-blowing fucking a bottom ever experiences. In fact, Letterio is stroking his still-hard cock and it looks like he's ready to shoot another round. But Logan covers his ass with spunk and they fall back on the bed for a nice cuddle.

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