He Fucks Like a Bunny Hopped Up on Speed He Fucks Like a Bunny Hopped Up on Speed

Watching Tommy Deluca fucking Brent Alex was exhausting, and not because Tommy has a big dick. This video debuted yesterday and I jumped right on it because Lucas Entertainment has been producing some really hot stuff lately. The guys have been passionate with a palpable connection.

Big dicks are exciting and Deluca is blessed with an over-sized one. When the movie started, I was expecting to see Alex going down on Deluca pretty quickly after their kissing sequence, but instead Deluca dives between Alex's legs. And Deluca is quick like a bunny hopped up on speed. He kisses frantically, then sucks with quick bobs, and even later when Brent is blowing him, Tommy is flicking his nipples like he's trying to start a fire.

When Brent kneels on the sofa and offers his ass, I'm pretty sure that Tommy is going to put it in and start going like a buckaroo. And he does. No warm up. Just a push and bang, bang, bang. Then the barrage of questions: Like it? Want more? Want it harder? Do you like that cock? Want some tongue in there? SHUT UP AND FUCK! You know, it's hard for bottoms to enjoy your big dick when we have to answer all those fucking questions.

I didn't hate this scene, there was just too much bloody talking and lots of "oh yeah, fuck, yeah, fuck oh yeah." Still, Deluca screws like a machine and even sucks his own load out of Brent's pucker. (I don't normally like that, but this was pretty hot.) And if you like a slow and passionate fuck session like me, check out one of my other reviews with Cam Christou fucking Brent Alex, it's been a couple of weeks and I'm still jacking my bone to this one: I Sure Wish Producers Made More Gay Porn Like This.

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