Letting the Boy Out to Play Letting the Boy Out to Play

Watch Hugh Hunter Stretch Jack Hunter's Asshole

Wouldn't you like having Jack Hunter locked up in your closet? A sex toy just waiting for the mood to strike, then you pull him out of the closet and make him service your dick. That's exactly what's happening in this American Muscle Hunks scene.

I don't normally watch many Hugh Hunter scenes, he's too loud for my liking. He always seems to be bellowing his head off with exaggerated and repetitious dirty talk, you know "Fuck yeah, fuck yeah ... fuck me, oh yeah, fuck me." Like anyone really has sex like that. But he's much more subdued in this scene from American Muscle Hunks, or at least he is in the bits I watched. Maybe the director told him to chill out.

Hugh has Jack locked up in his closet and lets him out to play. Hugh watches as his boy swallows every inch of his super fat cock. Man, that's a mouthful. Then Hugh gets Jack on his back and eats and fingers his hole. Hugh finally gives Jack what he wants and stretches his ass good. The look on Jack's face as he takes those last fat inches is priceless. I thought he was going to cry tears of joy.

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