Let's Get Soaking Wet Let's Get Soaking Wet

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This Men at Play scene makes me think about that summer dance hit by Pepper Mashay called Dive in the Pool. It came out in 2000, so I guess I'm dating myself. Oh well, if Jay Roberts asked me to dive in the pool and get soaking wet, I would, just like Hector De Silva does in this scene called Wet Hot.

I've been following Jay Roberts for a long time and I always liked him. He's good looking, sports a nice cock, and he's versatile, so what's not to like. He hasn't filmed with Men at Play for two years, so I'm happy to see him back. And he's sexier than ever with hints of grey in his hair. Things do get better with age. 

Jay is taking a relaxing swim on a hot afternoon. Hector De Silva shows up in his expensive suit and stands at the edge of the pool admiring Jay's chiseled body. Hector wants him and reaches his hand down to help Jay out of the pool, but instead, Jay pulls him in, clothes and all. The two neck waist deep in the water, then Jay sits on the edge of the pool while Hector sucks his cock and rims his ass. They get out of the water so Hector can fuck Jay's ass on the deck in the blazing sun.

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