Late-Night Executive Sex Late-Night Executive Sex

I watched two back-to-back Goran videos on Lucas Entertainment this morning. And I think Goran fucks like a bottom. Let me explain. You know when you're getting fucked hard and you're making that prolong "Ahhhh" noise? And your voice vibrates in sync with the top's thrusting? I call it the bottom sing song. Goran makes these noises, except he's on top. But if you heard only a soundtrack, you'd swear he was getting a thorough boning.

Goran and Marco Rubi are playing executives from rival companies. They're at the same conference and happen to run into each other in the hotel restroom during a break. Washroom cruising is hot, and after lots of flirting, Marco gives Goran his room number and they agree to meet for a late-night rendezvous.

I know Goran has been around for a while, but I haven't watched a lot of his stuff. But after seeing these back-to-back scenes this morning, I like him a lot. He's a full-service top (he bottoms too) who does it all -- kissing, sucking, rimming, and fucking. He's not a do-me queen, which is a great thing since Rubi has a deliciously fat uncut cock, and it'd be a shame not to see Goran deep throating it.

Goran drills Rubi on the couch, sometimes slowly and passionately, other times fast and hard. He's a superb hunk to watch top an eager bottom. He has an interesting cumshot style too: he's not really a huge squirter with cum flying all over the place. One second he's making cum noises, the next second Rubi has a massive pool of spunk all over his lips and chin. It's like, "Holy Shit! Where did that come from?"

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