JR Bronson and Marcus Ruhl In The Workshop JR Bronson and Marcus Ruhl In The Workshop

Their lips locked in an empassioned kiss, the scruff-covered chin of JR Bronson grazes Marcus Ruhl's face in Titan Men's newest release, Fast Paced. After opening his own fly, JR is quick to his knees - one hand on Marcus' beefy pec, the other on his fat, uncut meat. JR releases the dark and handsome stud's big, floppy cock - immediately sucking the uncut slab. Marcus puts his hands on the back of JR's head, face-fucking the hungry stud. The breathless sucker comes up for air, a strand of spit connecting his mouth to his buddy's wet cock. Marcus returns the favor, getting down on his knees to suck the bottom's meat. JR bends over the workbench to get his smooth hole munched, Marcus then fucking him from behind - his balls banging the bottom's ass. JR arches back and looks at the top in action, then gets on his back for more ("Aww yeah! That feels good!") as Marcus leans down for a kiss. They release their loads, coating JR's furry quad in cum.

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