Hot Hung Jet Wellington Fucks Skippy Baxter Hot Hung Jet Wellington Fucks Skippy Baxter

You have to hand it to Bentley Race - he can talk almost any straight guy into fucking another guy up the arse in public - in full view of 100's of office workers in the centre of a major capital city! And that's exactly what happens here today - Ben talked the hugely hung, and straight, Jet Wellington into fucking the super-tight arsehole of the athletic and sexy young Aussie hottie Skippy Baxter.

Ben got the guys up onto the roof of his inner-city apartment building, in the middle of the working day no less, in full view of dozens of office building window's, and started filming the guys in boxing kit. They both acted as the photographer's assistant while the other guy was being filmed. But naturally, once they were both naked, it wasn't long before cocks got fondled, hard-on's rose towards the sky and the guys started playing around - in sexy ways! Skippy has a natural fascination with Jet's huge cock - he just seems to love to touch it - and Jet's cock likes being touched - makes it swell and hang that much longer! Soon, after a bit of cock sucking by Skippy, thoughts turned to more primal things, and Jet's eyes were making moves on Skippy's butt. So the guys moved indoors for a bit more privacy and Jet royally fucked Skippy's hole. The guys have some genuine chemistry together - they laugh and joke around - and at the end they even lie side-by-side on the bed and help each other to get off!

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